Date October 25th, 2023 to October 27th, 2023
Venue Science Council of Japan(7-22-34, Roppongi, Minato-ward, Tokyo, Japan)Access
Organizer Committee of Science Council of Japan
Co-organizer Japan Society for Safety Engineering (JSSE)
Japanese Geothechnical Society (JGS)
Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE)*
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)
The Japan Society of Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS)
The Society of Material Science, Japan (JSMS)
The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JSNAOE)
(*:Executive Society)
Supporter The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers,
The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan,
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan,
The Chemical Socirty of Japan,
Japanese Association for Fire Science and Engineering,
Japan Association for Wind Engineering,
The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials,
Atomic Energy Society of Japan,
High Pressure Institute of Japan,
Japanese Society of Steel Construction,
The Japanese Society for Strength and Fracture of Materials,
Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering,
Reliability Engineering Association of Japan,
The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,
Japan Human Factors and Ergonomics Society,
The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection,
Japan Society for Composite Materials,
The Japan Welding Engineering Society,
Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering,

 European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA) ,

 American Society of Civil Enginees (ASCE)

Keynote Lecture

Date Venue Presenter Title
October 25th
Auditorium Prof. Michael BEER 
Epistemic Uncertainties in Engineering; Modeling and Efficient Analysis
October 27th
Auditorium Nobuo KISHI
Toward the Realization of Flying Cars: Risk and Reliability Perspectives

Panel Discussion

Date October 26th 14:30-17:00
Venue Auditorium
Title The Importance of Risk Communication in an Era of Carbon Neutrality, Covid-19, and Other New Challenges
Panelist Okabe T., Maki N., Tohata I., Yamada H., Ono T., Kurashiki T., and Asano H.