The Tenth Japan Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability
Date:October 25th, 2023 to October 27th, 2023
Venue:Science Council of Japan(7-22-34 Roppongi, Minato-ward, Tokyo, Japan)
Language:Japanese, including some English

General Overview

This conference is a quadrennial conference held in Japan to improve the technical and academic level of various issues related to the safety and reliability of structures through a wide range of research presentations and discussions that transcend the disciplinary boundaries. The Science Council of Japan organizes the conference (JCOSSAR) with the co-sponsorship and support of many related academic societies.
The International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability (ICOSSAR) is held every four years in the same field. When the 4th ICOSSAR'85 was held in Japan (Kobe International Conference Center) in 1985, it was proposed that a domestic symposium be held in the middle year of the conference. Then the first meeting was born in 1987 under the auspices of the Science Council of Japan.
The structures covered in this conference include mechanical, civil, building, offshore, and aerospace structures, industrial and energy plants, ships, and automobile and rail vehicles, etc. The common issues related to the safety and reliability of these structures include the component or/and system reliability theory; load measurement and evaluation; design, manufacturing, maintenance, and management; natural and human-caused disasters; risk assessment and countermeasures; insurance and warranties.
We welcome reports not only on latest academic research results but also on practical studies and developments in industries. In particular, even if not completed at present, interim reports on ongoing projects are also highly recommended. We look forward to a wide range of presentations and discussions.
We are confident that the conference will promote research and technology to ensure the safety and reliability of our structures through vigorous discussions and technical exchanges among researchers and engineers from a wide range of disciplines, transcending their boundaries and presenting their research.


  • October 24th, 2022 HP opened.
  • January 11th, 2023 Paper submission is now open.
  • September 21th, 2023 Program is now open.
  • September 21th, 2023 Registration is now available.
  • September 21th, 2023 Presentation instructions are now available.